Thursday, February 03, 2005


Homework,I dislike it,its still boring even if you make me do crossword puzzles.No one can make me do it,its my own dicision to do so,so i have a much better future!I had a project that was due on 2/2,wednsday.I did the project on 2/1, i have another project due on 2/4,it my language arts.Our class had to read the hobbit,then watch the movie(cheesy)and now we have to make photographs by drawing them,there were 14 chapers we had to draw,for the main idea,I have to finish chapters 13 & 14,which won't take long,at first I was going to do my homework,but my mom demanded that i write a blog about my homework and here it is the blog your reading,and now,i'm going to leave!



Saturday, January 15, 2005

Meeting with the Mayor

The mayor of Carnia,Maine.He was the one who ran Carnia,he's the man who tells Carnia who to find,once he gets the people he feels like he needs,he takes them to his cellar and he performs unpaticular experements on them,making them another Carnia experement.The first time I relized he was elected,I knew he was up to something,he had bugged eyes that poked out,like frog eyes,and he was obease,and very short,he would wobble his way around with a glare in his eyes and he would always crack a smile at one paticular person,the next day,they had gone missing.
The felling of being hunted still romes around my conscience,and the theory that the raith is darkness.Instead,I'm leaving that imagination behind for now.C.A.R.N.I.A.,the tumar in my head was making me oh so angrier than I had imagined,they told me that if the tumar wasn't taken out than I would have died,but they lied.They saved themselves from me.How?I have this other theory that those "Carnian's" knew what was coming,that I was becoming more deadly,that nothing they created would defeat me,thats why they put the tumar back in my brain,I was created to protect them,the only problem was that they couldn't control me.They released me out to this world,the biggest mistake they had ever made exept for the mayor's other experement.
"Crazy Con Carnia,con carnia means 'with meat',you crazy with meat or something,boy"The mayor explained,he was sitting in his office,sweating as always,he had his hands up on his desk.
"With meat in spanish is 'con carna',"I said,my veins ached as they rushed to my heart at a fast pace.
"Ah,I see,your very egicated,now 'auncha bot?"They mayor said spitting everywhere.
"Don't change the subject,whats chasing and why is it?"I said interigating him.
"Argh,I don't know what your talking about,I have no idea"the mayor started,stubling over his words.So I did the best thing,I grabbed him by the throat,I stared at him with fire glicening in my eyes.
"Okay,okay!Its my great-"before he could say any more,the floor broke benieth me and him,I grabbed on to the remaining floor,the mayor didn't,and before my eyes I was dangling eight stories high from the ground.
The mayor is gone,I was so close,but yet so far.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Crazy Con Carnia

For some reason,I'm being hunted down,and I have no idea why,but for somehow,I get clues that I'm being hunted.The thing that scares me is that I'm being hunted of course,but I have this odd theory that its some sort of darkness.They did something to me,that I could never forgive them,a secret coperation named Carnia set out a weapon of mass distruction,that was being held in the biopsye,a sort of chemical that could release the outbreak of the ozone layer,the ending of Earth,and they shoved it in my head,making me some one I'm not.They made me some kind of con man or something,like a Crazy Con Carnia project,and I won't sleep until I find each and every one,and make them plead. It started all when a devistating explosion in the biopsye made all the secret deseases shader into nothingness,they only saved one desease,I had this tumer that was growing in my brain,that was unfamilar to the race of humanity.Carnia came after me,distroying anything in their path,I ran and hid,but not good enough,they took knock out gas to my throte,and the next thing i remember is my head aching and i see numbers flying across my veiw.They had turned me into one of there own.

Two years after the incedent,they had set me free,they explained to me that I wasn't human to start out with,the tumar i had in my head was a Chemical After Raith Niaga(new deasease) Igine(new chemical ) Armor,or C.A.R.N.I.A.Carnia had been studying and searching for the desease for 50 years,and now that they had found it they sure enough want to test me out.They tested me out alright.
I burnt down Carnia,and that was the end of them,I still have the feeling that I'm being hunted down,I can smell their fear,I can see the fear even though they are not glaring at me.Why?Am I becoming darkness too?There is still questions to be answered,and "Carnians" to find,I am now known as the Crazy Con Carnia massacare.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Men of the Mourn - Short Story by Tyler K

The time of 1917 - such a hard time,when planes of mass destruction and depressed spouses only grew more lonesome.The time where men were drafted out onto the onslaughter.If you have any clue what I'm talking about, then you are right - World War 2. The nights only grew colder for the ceased men.They always felt like they were being hunted, instead of the others to be their prey.The soldiers felt haunted by the cries and suffering of their descended companions. For a brave man who did none whimper about being drafted, therefore, he was expecting the letter. He chose to go for his little brother, who was sent to the gas chamber by the wicked dictator.Why? Because Eddie was indeed part of the Jewish nature. So was his brother Even. Eddie became great,brave,and intelligent from the day he was spawned to earth. He would succeed any given challenge through his childhood, but his kindness rottened after his father had parished in a tragic fire. A man had held down his father while they both burned,suffered,and cried.The man lived. It was about time to send Eddie packing.He gave his mother a hug and a kiss,and said"fair well,my friends."Just like that Eddie was gone,and before he knew it,he was stepping on lifeless corpses,firing at the enemies,as the enemies mimicked their shots.Of course Eddie,out of all men,did not think,'never think,armegedon on that trigger,Eddie'.His uncle would always say that.Eddie never really understood what his uncle was trying to tell him until now. Eddie ran,not thinking of any of the snipers,a sniper up above,sent a bullet through Eddie's chest."How did this happen?I thought this kind of thing would never come to be,but here I lay,bleeding out my soul,thinking about what his uncle said.Dont think armegedonon the trigger." Everything around Eddie became dark,and he felt himself lifting into the air,then he felt nothing,he could only hear himself breathing.Then......nothing. Eddie's mother blamed herself for the actions she had committed,and she also died.Police found nothing that could have killed her - no wounds or scratches on her body,nothing,no poisen or anything.Police notified the death as 'natural cause of death'.Now,Eddie,his brother,his father,and his mother will be together forever and on. Author:Robin's son,Tyler K. Pipher